Monday, June 18, 2012

Fiddly Bits!

The Devil is in the details they say. The details I chose were Passamenterie or Thread worked Buttons,
I chose a simple basket weave over a small wooden base; each one is capped with a bronzy gold bead.

Tatting for the collar and possibly the cuffs: This pattern can be found in Tatting with Anne Orr or as some may know it as “That big blue book”. I have made this pattern a variation by omitting some of the picots and adding small glass beads.

This is the half-way point!
I still need to complete:
Shirt – this is cut needs embroidered and assembled
Venetians – needs cut, have pattern drafted
Doublet – Needs pattern drafted and cut.
Cape – needs cut already have pattern.
Hat – needs cut.

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