Monday, May 21, 2012

Beads, Buttons, & Books

My Pearls arrived today for the tatted trim!
Have you ever run across that one truly nice & responsible ebay seller? I will sing this Sellers Praises unto the Heavens! This is Betsy's store, though she does have Auctions on ebay wich is where i first purchased from her. My Beads arrived and the ones I had ordered for the tatted trim were incorrect! After a quick e-mail she not only shipped out the correct ones at no further cost & I had them in 2 days. She also told me to keep the incorrect ones! Granted that is just good customer service, but she did it Pleasantly & was more concerned that she had caused me to be behind on a project!
So tonight I will happily be stringing beads to start tatting trim for collar and cuffs!

I found my wooden centers for the Passamenterie buttons, & I think I have the design I want to do figured out.

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Janet Arold's Patterns of Fashion 4, when I realized the majority of the patterns I need are already in my copy of the Tudor Tailor!
Now just to Measure Keith and project how much he will grow by August 15th so i can begin to cut and assemble.

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